It's Personal: The Business Case for Caring serves as a strategic and tactical guide for company leaders who want to embrace this transformational change, improve employee engagement, and drive business results.


Demonstrate care for your employees that’s consistent with your culture and values

The mismatch between what employees need and what companies are providing goes beyond outdated business practices — people’s mindsets have changed along with workforce demographics. If they don’t feel cared for they’ll vote with their feet. Identify what they want and need (hint: it’s more than just a paycheck!) and use those insights to create a new employee value proposition that’s good for them and your business.


Understand your goals, identify the influencers, and sell your vision for a better future

You’ve identified what needs to be done, but inspiring transformational change will require selling this vision of a better future. You’ll identify who your influencers and decision makers are, zero in on behaviors that can be nudged toward positive outcomes, and use the 10-Step Mini Deck Approach™ to present an outcome so compelling that they’ll ultimately want to help you create it.


Inculcate wellbeing into your culture so employees can see, believe, and live your shared values

Words alone won’t prove that your company is a truly caring one. You need to show it, model it, and reinforce it – because in this case, actions really do speak louder than words. You’ll keep your new program on track by ensuring every employee is treated as a whole person, measuring only what matters, keeping yourself — and your team — honest, and celebrating the little wins along the way.


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